News and events

Low-loss silicon nitride photonic ICs for near-infrared wavelength bandwidth
2 may 2023

Unique technology by FMN Lab for nonlinear photonics and neural networks

Open Doors Day at FMN Lab
19 april 2023

Команда центра приглашает студентов МГТУ им. Н.Э. Баумана на День открытых дверей

“Photonics. The world of lasers and optics 2023”: new devices by FMN Lab
30 march 2023

Photonic integrated circuits, single photon detectors and electro-optical modulators

Bauman SciPub Challenge 2022 Grant Competition Results Announced
24 march 2023

FMN Lab scientific teams took places in the prize rating of the competition

FMN at the XXVII Symposium "Nanophysics and Nanoelectronics"
15 march 2023

A team of scientists and engineers presented their posters at the scientific forum in Nizhny Novgorod

Today a student – tomorrow an engineer
20 february 2023

Schoolchildren of leading Russian schools visited the FMN Lab premises

Optical hydrogen sensing with high-Q guided-mode resonance of Al2O3/WO3/Pd nanostructure
17 january 2023

Nanostructure based on a dielectric grating (Al2O3), gasochromic oxide (WO3) and catalyst (Pd) is proposed as a hydrogen sensor working at the room temperature.

Photon effect: new devices will give transport vision
26 december 2022

Electro-optical modulation technologies developed at FMN Laboratory allow processing or sending a video signal immediately without converting it to electronic

Alexander Baburin participated at the second Congress of Young Scientists
5 december 2022

The Bauman University team presented the latest samples of developed instruments and devices.

Ilya Rodionov joined the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports of the Nature group
10 october 2022

FMN Lab Director will share his expertise in the field of nanotechnology

New constellation of the Russian nanoindustry: ZEISS ORION NanoFab joined FMN Lab technological park
14 july 2022

The newcomer will provide new possibilities for the fabrication of micro- and nanostructures

Contact photolithography modeling for thick photoresists layers
1 july 2022

FMN Lab team proposed a mathematical model based on the Fresnel diffraction of image generation in the thick photoresist layers

FMN Lab at ICLO 2022
22 june 2022

Alexander Baburin and Ilya Stepanov spoke about the developments of the center in the field of photonic integrated circuits

Closer to the Light: FMN team starring at Photonics 2022 exhibition
1 april 2022

Jointly with the BMSTU team, FMN Lab presents the latest developments in the field of nanophotonics and bionanotechnologies.

A new BMSTU campus and FMN Lab team developments highlighted in a TV story
14 march 2022

Ilya Rodionov talks on the future of the Bauman Valley on the Yauza river

Ready to move in: when will an organism-on-a-chip appear in Russia
23 february 2022

Ilya Rodionov and Vitaly Ryzhkov shared the latest advances in bionantechnologies