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FMN Laboratory has patented technologies for creating plasmon nanolasers with unique characteristics
2 march 2020

FMN Laboratory team received patents for a multi-stage technology for manufacturing plasmon lasers (spazers) and sensors with unique characteristics. The new method was a breakthrough solution in the field of plasmonics and allowed, in particular, the creation of a plasmon nanolaser (spaser) with record spectral characteristics and a biological sensor with a record sensitivity of 3 ppt.

Video: FMN Laboratory developments covered by the Russian Ministry of Education project
10 february 2020

The focus is on the microfluidic flow sensor developed by FMN Laboratory team.

New article in JETP Letters
6 november 2019

FMN Laboratory team has created Russia's first superconducting qubit-fluxonium. The qubits of this type are promising elements of quantum processors.

New feature in Applied Sciences
25 october 2019

In this paper, we introduce the simulation results and fabrication technology of dielectric-metal-dielectric long-range nanoplasmonic waveguides, which consists of a multilayer stack based on ultrathin noble metals in between alumina thin films.

New article in Optic Communications
11 october 2019

“The retrieval of a thin silver film dielectric constant by resonant approach”.

New article in Applied Sciences
1 october 2019

“SERS-Active Substrates Nanoengineering Based on e-Beam Evaporated Self-Assembled Silver Films”.

Embrace the Future: FMB Laboratory team synthesized materials with a record length of surface plasmon-polariton wave
22 august 2019

In the article, we demonstrate the optical medium for surface plasmon-polariton wave (SPP) propagation with ultra low losses corresponding to the theoretically limited values. The unique element of the optical medium is an atomically-flat single-crystalline silver thin film that provides extremely low losses. The SPP excited on the surface of such thin films (λ = 780 nm) is characterized by a SPP propagation length equal to 200 µm, which is twice longer than previously reported experimental results and corresponds to theoretically limited values for silver films.

New article in Optical Materials Express
1 march 2019

“State-of-the-art plasmonic crystals for molecules fluorescence detection”.

FMN Lab success at the “Biotechnology: state and development prospects of 2019” Conference
27 february 2019

FMN engineers took the first place in the competition for young scientists at the International Forum "Biotechnology: State and Development Prospects of 2019"

New article in Optical Materials Express
1 february 2019

“Silver-based plasmonics: golden material platform and application challenges”.

New article in Journal of Physics
15 december 2018

“Highly Reflective Mirror Based on Noble Metal 2D Babinet Metasurface”.

New article in Journal of Physics
1 december 2018

“Wood’s anomaly for plasmonic biosensor based on 1D magnetooptical nanostructure”.

New article in Journal of Optical Technology
30 october 2018

“Fabricating thin films with colloidal quantum dots on planar substrates using polymethyl methacrylate”

New article in Photonics and Nanostructures – Fundamentals and Applications
11 september 2018

“Interfering surface and localized plasmon: Tuning the Wood anomaly for Biosensing”.

New article in BMSTU Bulletin
1 september 2018

“Study of the effect of ultrasound on the deposition of myoglobin from solutions on active SERS-substrates”

The Purdue University and FMN Laboratory team participated in Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CLEO 2018
10 july 2018

Report and publication on the topic “Ultrabright Room-Temperature Emission from Single Plasmon-Enhanced Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond”.

New article in “Sensors and actuators B: Chemical”
1 march 2018

“Non-labeled selective virus detection with novel SERS-active porous silver nanofilms fabricated by Electron Beam Physical Vapor Deposition”.

New article in Applied Physics Letters
21 november 2017

“Plasmonic nanolaser for intracavity spectroscopy and sensorics”.

Modeling of Thermoelectric Generator Power Characteristics for Motorcycle-Type Engines
New article in Journal of Electric Materials
1 october 2017

"Modeling of Thermoelectric Generator Power Characteristics for Motorcycle-Type Engines".

Численное моделирование процессов тепломассопереноса в микрофлюидном тепловом датчике потока
New article in BMSTU Bulletin
29 september 2017

“Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer processes in a microfluidic thermal flow sensor”