News and events

The Bauman University will launch contract production of quantum processors
20 march 2024

The goal is to meet the growing need in the Russian Federation for next generation supercomputers

“Russia is building a quantum world”: FMN Lab winning in the all-Russian photo competition
13 february 2024

A photograph by BMSTU photographer Sergei Kushlevich among the best works at VDNH expo

Anastasia Solovyova and Dmitry Moskalev are laureates of the Moscow Government Prize for Young Scientists
8 february 2024

Achievements in the development of quantum information processing devices were noted

Bauman DeepTech Expert Council was held at BMSTU
6 december 2023

FMN Lab team shared the results of the implementation of projects on the “Hybrid Computing”

FMN Lab team participated in the “AnalitBioPribor 2023” conference
28 november 2023

A team of bionanotechnologists part in the II Annual All-Russian Youth Conference on methods and instruments for the analysis of biological objects “AnalyBioPribor 2023”.

FMN Lab scientists starring at international conferences in China
7 november 2023

The team participated at the ACP and POEM forums

BMSTU developments at the Russia Forum
4 november 2023

Devices based on photonic integrated circuits, including solid-state LIDAR, are presented as part of a grand exhibition at VDNKh

«Микроэлектроника 2023»: НОЦ ФМН в научной и выставочной программах Форума
13 october 2023

Вместе с командой бауманцев команда центра представила передовые устройства на новых физических принципах

Гонка за квантовым превосходством началась: Сбер публикует аналитический сборник о развитии квантовых вычислений
21 september 2023

Активное участие в подготовке доклада приняли сотрудники НОЦ Функциональные Микро/Наносистемы

Integrated membrane-free thermal flow sensor for silicon-on-glass microfluidics
19 may 2023

The device has an accuracy at the level of world leaders - no worse than 5% in the range of 0-30 µl / min

SEM image taken at FMN Laboratory took 2nd place in the microimage competition
5 may 2023

Defects obtained in the silicon etching process have become artistic

Evolutionary selection growth of silver films for low-loss nanophotonic devices
4 may 2023

A new method of the e-beam evaporation has been demonstrated

Low-loss silicon nitride photonic ICs for near-infrared wavelength bandwidth
2 may 2023

Unique technology by FMN Lab for nonlinear photonics and neural networks

Open Doors Day at FMN Lab
19 april 2023

Команда центра приглашает студентов МГТУ им. Н.Э. Баумана на День открытых дверей

“Photonics. The world of lasers and optics 2023”: new devices by FMN Lab
30 march 2023

Photonic integrated circuits, single photon detectors and electro-optical modulators