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15 december 2018

We study optical properties of plasmonic 2D nanostructures (metasurfaces) constructed by analogy with Babinet's principle – combinations of a perforated noble metal thin film and a complementary array of nanodiscs. Despite of large absorption in either the perforated films or the arrays of nanodiscs, the considered metasurfaces were highly reflective. The effect of increased reflectance is attributed to mutual cancellation of electric and 'magnetic' dipoles induced in antiphase, thus suppressing absorption; and a spacer in between the dipoles influences the spectral and incidence angle ranges for the effect observation. We show that a chosen metasurface can have an angle- and polarization-independent response in a wide spectral range.


V V Kornienko, A N Shaimanov, E M Khabushev, K M Khabarov, I A Rodionov and A V Baryshev

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1092, 2018 (ImF 0.241

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