FMN Lab team participated in the “AnalitBioPribor 2023” conference

28 november 2023

Vitaly Ryzhkov, Head of the bionanotech team, made a presentation on the topic “Microfluidic platform for organ-on-a-chip systems.”

Lyubov Muravyova, a young FMN Lab researcher, gave a presentation on “Architecture and methods for manufacturing organ-on-a-chip systems.”

The colleagues’ presentations aroused great interest among the audience, since they were aimed both at reviews of global trends in the field of organ-on-a-chip, and real cases of creating such devices at the intersection of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering.

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The AnalitBioPribor conference is annual. The event brings together key Russian development centers in the field of analytical instrumentation and bionanotechnological devices and is aimed at exchanging knowledge and experience in the relevant field. Participants of the event have the opportunity to be acquainted with modern trends and directions of development of biological and medical instrumentation. The conference ensures interaction between scientists, technology companies and investors working in the field of instrumentation.

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