“Russia is building a quantum world”: FMN Lab winning in the all-Russian photo competition

13 february 2024
We have a favorite photographer Sergei Kushlevich, a resident of BMSTU and a frequent guest of the cleanroom, with whom we have already won several victories in photo competitions, including Wikimedia.
Now – a new success!
Sergei’s photograph was recognized as the best in the national photo competition of the Znanie.Russia society, the “Science and Technology” category. In the picture, our young scientist is working on assembling the cryogenic part of a quantum computer, which will very soon cool down to a temperature of almost absolute zero (-273.1ºC).
The mission of the competition is to show through photographs the richness and diversity of the cultural heritage, nature, architecture, scientific achievements and human potential of Russia in the 21st century. Together with the organizers, we believe that photographs can speak louder than words!
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