“Photonics. The world of lasers and optics 2023”: new devices by FMN Lab

30 march 2023

The Bauman University takes part in the 17th International specialized exhibition of laser, optical and optoelectronic equipment “Photonics. The world of lasers and optics 2023”. It takes place from 28 to 31 March in Moscow and is a landmark event for the industry community, where leading Russian and global brands, as well as young companies present samples of laser equipment, optical products, components and materials to consumers.

In 2023, the Bauman University became one of more than 100 manufacturers of laser and optical products, presenting nine developments at its booth. The FMN Lab team has presented a new family of integrated photonics samples.

A series of samples of integrated photonics

Photonic integrated circuits as a backbone of the coming Industry 4.0. – are already being used today in the field of telecommunications technologies (optical transceivers, tunable lasers), signal processing (solid-state LIDAR sensors, neural networks and artificial intelligence), biomedicine (optical coherence tomography, laboratory-on-a-chip), as well as in quantum technologies (quantum cryptography, quantum computers based on single photons and ion traps).

At “Photonics. The world of lasers and optics 2023”, FMN Lab has presented samples of photonic devices designed and manufactured at the REC FMN, including photonic integrated circuits, single photon detectors and electro-optical modulation devices.


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