Cutting and scribing

Machine for precision cutting


TechCut 5 is a versatile, programmable precision cutting machine for cutting a wide range of materials and sample sizes.

The microprocessor system of the machine controls the feed rate, cut length and force, automatically adjusting the feed rate during the cutting process depending on the thickness and/or differences in material properties in the sample. At the end of the cut, the sample automatically returns to its original position, the disk, and the coolant supply stop.

Key features and capabilities:

  • rotation speed: 500-5000 rpm;
  • cutting wheel: Ø 76-203 mm;
  • landing circle diameter: Ø 12.7 or 32 mm;
  • management: a microprocessor;
  • indicator: 4-line LCD with backlight;
  • movement along the Y axis: automatic or manual (with a wheel with a retractable handle);
  • feed rate (Y axis): 1.25-76 mm / min programmable;
  • force on the sample: low/medium/ high (automatically optimizes the feed rate);
  • cutting depth: set, with automatic stop and return to the starting position;
  • start mode: “soft” (start at a low speed to stabilize the cut and increase the speed to a predetermined one);
  • coolant recirculation system: built-in 4.7 l or external 26.5 l;
  • coolant supply: two flexible adjustable nozzles and a hose for cleaning;
  • working area capacity: 152 (W) x 152 (D) x 64 (H) mm;
  • work area lighting: LED;
  • protective cover: metal with a viewing window and an auto-shutdown sensor.