Contact Lithography and Bonding

Contact lithography and bonding unit


The installation is designed to perform contact lithography on substrates of various materials (silicon, glass), combining photo masks with substrates and subsequent exposure to ultraviolet light. It is also designed to combine a plate with another one for bonding for the purpose of subsequent splicing in the bonding unit.

Key features and capabilities:

  • the accuracy of alignment with an upper microscope 0.5 microns;
  • the accuracy of combining with a lower microscope 1.0 μm during lithography;
  • the accuracy of alignment with a lower microscope 2.0 microns when combining a plate with a plate for bonding;
  • universal optics UV250 / 300/400 as part of the system (exposure at wavelengths of 240 nm, 320 nm and 365/405 nm) with integrators on micro lenses;
  • high-resolution exposure - with a vacuum contact no worse than 0.4 microns at 240 nm, no worse than 0.5 microns at 320 nm, no worse than 1.5 microns at 365/405 nm;
  • uniformity of illumination - not worse than 1% on a plate 100 mm in diameter and 3% per 200 mm;
  • the size of the processed plates - with a diameter up to 200 mm;
  • the size of the processed substrates - up to 200x200 mm;
  • exposure of the entire surface of the plate at a time;
  • the installation is optimized for high resolution vertical wall formation;
  • optical system that provides diffraction reduction;
  • an optical system that ensures there is no need to align the lamp during operation;
  • the ability to adjust the intensity according to the shape of the spot light;
  • system for automatic compensation of flatness alignment when working in contact or with a gap between the plate and the photomask;
  • work with a gap and upon contact (soft, hard, vacuum) to obtain a resolution of 2.5 microns with a gap of 20 microns and a guaranteed resolution of 0.4 microns with a vacuum contact.