FMN Laboratory team participated in Nanophotonics and Micro/Nano Optics International Conference 2018

1 october 2018

As part of the study, the optical spectra of submillimeter one-dimensional gratings made by lithography were studied and competitive levels of their sensitivity to target biomolecules were demonstrated.

The presented results of modeling the distribution of the electric field for the wavelength of the Fano peak demonstrated the interference pattern caused by surface plasmon and localized plasmon resonances on the Au / HSQ ridges (scatterers).

Provided that the resolution of the detection circuit is the same, the use of a magneto-optical material can increase the sensitivity of the sensors in question by an order of magnitude.

Plasmonic magneto-optical 1D nanostructure - Wood's anomaly and the Faraday rotation for biosensing.png

A.N. Shaimanov, N.A. Orlikovsky, A.V. Zverev, A.A. Pishimova, G.V. Sharonov, G.M. Yankovskii, I.A. Rodionov, A.V. Baryshev

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