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31 august 2020

Quarter-Millimeter Propagating Plasmons in Thin-Gold-Film-Based Waveguides for Visible Spectral Range

A series of long-range plasmonic waveguides based on a thin three-layer Al2O3 /gold/ Al2O3 film operating in the visible spectral range have been studied experimentally and theoretically. For long-range plasmonic waveguides having identical structure but different lengths, the propagation length of plasmonic waves was determined to be 250±15 μm at λ=765 nm and was in a very good agreement with the theoretical value obtained through numerical modeling.

The demonstrated propagation length is the highest one for the gold film-based plasmonic waveguides described in the literature for a uniform (non-photonic-crystal) substrate in the UV, visible, and near IR (up to 1 μm ) spectral ranges, which is due to high technological quality of the fabricated waveguides and optimized three-layer structure. The proposed waveguides could find applications in optical interconnects and guided-wave optical sensors.

long range.gif

Vladimir V. Kornienko, Alina А. Dobronosova, Anton I. Ignatov, Michail Andronik, Ilya A. Rodionov, Alexey N. Shaimanov, Nikita S. Smirnov, Georgy M. Yankovskii, Alexander V. Baryshev and Alexander M. Merzlikin

Journal of Lightwave Technology 38, 4794-4800, 2020 (ImF 4.162)

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