FMN Lab wins Wikimedia scientific photography competition

25 may 2021

Photograph “Race to the speed of light: neuromorphic processor assembly” by the BMSTU photographer, Sergey Kushlevich recognized as the best in the “People in Science” nomination. This is the second success of FMN Laboratory in the competition: last year the team won the second place in the same nomination.

On the photograph, one can see FMN Laboratory researcher in the process of assembling a neuromorphic processor based on a photonic integrated circuit that allows computations at the speed of light. To manufacture such optical devices, FMN Lab developed technological processes aimed at achieving extremely low losses. The whole cycle of creating a processor includes several stages: from preparation of the surface of a silicon wafer and deposition of multilayer thin film coatings to fabrication of nanoscale circuit topologies and automated assembly of fiber optic processor modules and components.

FMN Lab team (2)_low.jpg

The competition is aimed at video bloggers, television journalists, scientists and students interested in popularizing scientific knowledge. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Russian Science Foundation, support it. The competition includes seven nominations: “People in Science”, “Microimages”, “Non-foto”, “Series”, “Nature”, “Space” and “Science Around Us”. Twenty-one winning illustrations are determined in each nomination of the competition.

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