FMN Lab took part at the VIII All-Russian Conference on Fiber Optics

7 october 2021

Alexander Baburin, Head of the nanophotonics team, made a presentation “Electro- and thermo-optical photonic integrated circuits for single-photon applications”.

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The VVKO 2021 Conference is being held at the site of the Photonics cultural and business center of the Perm cluster of fiber-optic technologies. This year almost 200 scientists from 19 cities of Russia, the USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, and other countries (including 10 foreign delegations) took part in it.

Alexander Baburin shared the latest achievements of the center in the development of technology for creating photonic integrated circuits (FIC) for working with single photons. In his presentation, he paid the main attention to the development of an electro-optical modulator, one of the key elements, which controls the propagation of photons within the circuit. The creation of a modulator with minimal losses is one of the key challenges facing nanophotonics specialists around the world.

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The Conference in Perm is the largest event in Russia where leading scientists share their updates on scientific developments and achievements in the field of photonics and fiber optics. It is held every two years since 2007 on the initiative of Academician Yevgeny Dianov, founder of the Scientific Center for Fiber Optics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (NTSVO RAS), an outstanding scientist in the field of fiber optics, laser physics, and optical materials science. In 2021, the conference will discuss the use of lasers, quantum communications on domestic components, electromagnetic fields, special fibers, as well as nanophotonics technologies.

The Conference will run until October 8 inclusive. For details, please, visit the website.

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