Применяемые САПР

FMN Laboratory team uses the following computer-aided design systems:


It is a 3D providing a combination of ease of development and ease of operation with the powerful functionality of solid-state and surface modeling. KOMPAS-3D supports the most common formats of 3D-models (STEP, ACIS, IGES, DWG, DXF), which allows you to organize efficient data exchange with related organizations and customers using any CAD / CAM / CAE system.


Developer of engineering software for the design and management of data in engineering and construction. As of 2014, ASCON software products were used by over 8,500 industrial enterprises and design organizations, both in Russia and abroad. Integrated solutions for the automation of engineering and production management. CAD / AEC / PLM.

CATIA (Automated Three-Dimensional Interactive Application)

One of the most common high-level CAD systems. This is a comprehensive system of computer-aided design (CAD), technological support of production (CAM) and engineering analysis (CAE), which includes advanced tools for three-dimensional modeling, subsystems of software and simulation of technological processes, developed analysis tools and a single database of text and graphic information. The system allows you to effectively solve all the problems of technical preparation of production – from external (conceptual) design to the release of drawings, specifications, wiring diagrams and control programs for CNC machines.


The flagship CAD / CAM / CAE which is widely used in mechanical engineering, as well as in production of products with a high density of layout and a large number of parts (power engineering, gas turbine engines, transport engineering, etc.) and / or manufacturing products with complex shapes (aviation, automobile, etc.). .P.). ) NX provides a complete software solution for the development of control programs for CNC equipment (CAM), post-processing and simulation of machine tools. 

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