Alexander Baburin was awarded the Prize for Young Scientists of the Moscow Government

10 february 2021

Alexander Baburin, Ph.D., Head of Nanophotonics at FMN Laboratory was awarded the prize for young scientists of the Moscow Government in “Advanced industrial technologies” category.


At FMN Laboratory, Alexander leads a group of scientists and engineers developing technologies and creating quantum processors on a linear optical platform. For several years of work, the Bauman team managed to develop their own technology of tunable photonic integrated circuits with nanometer-sized elements and a loss level close to those of the world's leading developers.

Alexander joined the team after the third year of study at BMSTU as part of an engineering workshop at the Department of Electronic Technologies in Mechanical Engineering. The famous Baumanka has been successfully implementing the “Russian method” in training engineers for many years, when students participate in solving real applied problems.

This award for young scientists became the second in laboratory team: in 2019, Ilya Rodionov, FMN Lab Director, became the winner of the prize. 

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