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New feature in ITM Web of Conferences
29 december 2020

Digital design as a key approach to shortening MEMS development cycle.

Researchers Make Quantum Material Using 53-Qubit IBM Quantum Processor and Qiskit
21 december 2020

A team at the University of Chicago made a quantum material called an exciton condensate using a 53-qubit IBM Quantum Hummingbird processor according to a new paper, demonstrating an exciting use for near-term quantum devices for physicists.

Новая статья в Coatings
New feature in Coatings
23 november 2020

FMN Laboratory team fabricated silver films that improve their properties over time.

New feature in Optics Express
21 october 2020

A group of scientists studied optical properties of tungsten trioxide, palladium, and platinum thin films for functional nanostructures engineering.

New feature in Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology
9 october 2020

A team of scientists has developed a broadband low-noise four-stage HEMT amplifier.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory creates the first trapped-ion quantum chip with fully integrated photonics
1 october 2020

An important step towards building a useful fault-tolerant quantum computer

Aidar Gabidullin from FMN Laboratory won a prestigious industry contest
24 september 2020

Our Senior Researcher named a Rising Star.

SEM image of superconducting air-bridges fabricated at FMN Laboratory participate in Zeiss Perspectives competition
15 september 2020

The air-bridges fabricated by FMN technologists resemble the bridges and embankments of the famous Fontanka River in St Petersburg.

FMN Laboratory photoshoot in the heart of Moscow
5 september 2020

The exhibition will be open on Gogolevsky Boulevard until November 1, 2020.

FMN Laboratory researchers completed internship at Qiskit Global Summer School
4 september 2020

Two weeks of programming quantum algorithms with IBM Quantum experts

New feature in Journal of Lightwave Technology
31 august 2020

New record-breaking results covered in «Quarter-Millimeter Propagating Plasmons in Thin-Gold-Film-Based Waveguides for Visible Spectral Range» publication.

Up to hundreds of terahertz: improved parameters of the brightest single photon source
26 august 2020

Kommersant Science about the discovery of a team of American (Purdue University, John Hopkins University) and Russian (FMN Laboratory) scientists in the field of nanophotonics.

FMN Laboratory wins silver medal in “Shoot Science for Wikipedia” competition
25 june 2020

The “Measuring a qubit leaves no room for error” shoot by FMN team named among the best in the nomination “People in Science”.

New feature in IEEE Sensors Journal
10 june 2020

Machine Learning for Optical Gas Sensing: A Leaky-Mode Humidity Sensor as Example

Vladimir Echeistov awarded a grant from the UMNIK Innovation Support Fund contest
2 june 2020

The grant will be aimed at developing a precision automated pressure maintenance system for the first Russian lab-on-a-chip device.

New feature in Optica
22 may 2020

"Ultrafast quantum photonics enabled by coupling plasmonic nanocavities to strongly radiative antennas"

“Centaurs” and ultra-thin films for the electronics of the future: nanoplasmonics for sensors and quantum computing
21 april 2020

Alexander Baburin, Head of Photon Devices Fabrication at FMN Laboratory shares his team’s current achievements and makes plans for the future. 

Unstoppable: FMN Laboratory team continues to work on creating a quantum processor in self-isolation mode
17 april 2020

“Work on the creation of the Russian quantum computer continues remotely, scientists adhere to the established schedule”, Ilya Rodionov reported to TASS agency.

Tales from the lab: who produces qubits in Russia?
9 april 2020

Indicator.Ru, a popular Russian scientific portal, interviewed one of the leading participants of FMN Lab superconducting quantum computing project Aidar Gabidullin.