News and events

Bauman DeepTech: a new strategic project of the Moscow State Technical University
27 december 2021

Ilya Rodionov on the tasks of the project in frames of the BMSTU "Priority 2030" Program

Ilya Rodionov took part in the Congress of Young Scientists in Sochi
10 december 2021

In frames of the global scientific event, BMSTU exhibited samples of microfluidic laboratories-on-a-chip and thermoelectric MEMS switches fabricated at FMN Lab.

New superhero of the FMN Lab Universe: ZEISS Crossbeam 550 electron-ion microscope
11 november 2021

More opportunities to maximize SEM insights

Ilya Rodionov, FMN Laboratory Director became a member of the RAS Expert Council
1 november 2021

The RAS Expert Council reviews a wide range of national scientific and technological programs and projects

“Science is the time of the young”: Alexander Baburin participated in the Arguments & Fact project
26 october 2021

A young scientist from REC FMN spoke about the "Russian method" of teaching at MSTU and the creation of integrated photonics devices.

FMN Lab at the Russian Diagnostic Summit 2021
19 october 2021

Vitaly Ryzhkov presented the latest achievements of the center in the field of personalized medicine

FMN Lab integrated photonics technologies at OPAL 2021
15 october 2021

The posters were devoted to the technologies of creating photonic integrated circuits (PIC) with low losses.

FMN Lab took part at the VIII All-Russian Conference on Fiber Optics
7 october 2021

Alexander Baburin made a presentation “Electro- and thermo-optical photonic integrated circuits for single-photon applications”.

FMN Lab bio nanotechnologies starring at the “TECHNOSREDA” festival
27 september 2021

Vitaly Ryzhkov made a presentation “How to place a laboratory on a chip?”

New article in Sensors and Systems magazine
30 august 2021

FMN Lab team developed an automated pressure maintenance system for microfluidic lab-on-chip

The School of Young Bauman University Students 2021: freshmen of BMSTU learned lift-off lithography hacks
27 august 2021

Twenty-four BMSTU freshmen took part in the scientific and technological movement “Lift-off lithography” organized by FMN Lab team

FMN Lab team participated in SPb Photonic, Optoelectronic, & Electronic Materials Conference
25 may 2021

Alexander Baburin made a presentation Low-loss quantum photonic integrated circuits fabrication.

FMN Lab wins Wikimedia scientific photography competition
25 may 2021

Photo by the BMSTU photographer Sergey Kushlevich recognized as the best in the category “People in Science”

FMN Lab nanobiotechnology breakthrough on air of a Russia’s federal TV channel
21 may 2021

The microfluidic laboratory-on-a-chip will provide ultra-accurate diagnostics of viral and bacterial infections.

New article in Micromachines
21 may 2021

FNM Lab team developed a self-controlled cleaving method for silicon DRIE process cross-section characterization

Open Days at FMN Laboratory
30 april 2021

The team introduced the key areas of research and invited young talents to join it.

FMN Lab microfluidic technologies in Elveflow review material
19 april 2021

One of the leading European manufacturers of microfluidic instruments devoted a review material to a device manufactured at FMN Laboratory.

New article in Scientific Reports
13 april 2021

FMN Lab team developed a new method of cyclic on-chip bacteria separation and preconcentration

Waveguides with a record propagation length of 250 μm fabricated at FMN Laboratory
11 february 2021

New waveguides with unique properties will find application in waveguide optical sensors, highly sensitive plasmon sensors and optical interconnects for new generation processors.