FMN Laboratory researchers completed internship at Qiskit Global Summer School

4 september 2020

Nikita Smirnov and Alexei Matanin, FMN Laboratory quantum developers, completed internship at Qiskit Global Summer School 2020. It was a two-week intensive summer school designed to empower the next generation of quantum developers and scientists with the knowledge to explore quantum applications on their own. The curriculum covered quantum computing preliminaries before focusing on two key areas: superconducting devices and quantum chemistry applications.

Each day of the Qiskit Global Summer School consisted of 3 hours of lectures followed by an hour-long hands-on programming lab where the students implemented quantum programs in Qiskit.

The geography of 2020 QGSS students covered the whole world: from Australia and Iran to Russia, and all 4,000 school participants passed the preliminary selection.

day 3.jpg

day 2.png

day 1.png

Images shared by Abby Mitchell 

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